Treatment Summary

Prevora (10% chlorhexidine diacetate) is a clear pharmaceutical coating applied to the teeth by a dental professional (a dentist, dental hygienist or therapist) in a series of short sessions. Long lasting, it slowly releases an antiseptic that destroys and inhibits the bacteria that causes tooth decay. Prevora is also demonstrating notable potential in the management of periodontal disease (research currently ongoing). 

Each treatment session comprises of a dental clean and a two stage treatment application process:

  • The patient undergoes a dental clean to remove pumice and residual dental plaque.

  • Prevora stage 1 chlorhexidine coating is applied to tooth surfaces and dried.

  • Prevora stage 2 sealant coating is applied to tooth surfaces and dried.

The treatment plan consists of four weekly application, followed by a treatment every 6 months thereafter

To date, there have been no adverse effects reported with the use of and application of Prevora, however some patients have reported a short term bitter taste following application.

For additional clinical information, please visit the Prevora Materials page. 

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